How To Create Your Own Retail Opportunities

Just in case you missed our special RETAIL INITIATIVE Webinars , here is a recording of the webinar.

This webinar will teach you how to create your own retail opportunities. We highlighted the steps you need to take to build a relationship with a local retailer and showcase the value you bring to their customer base plus what you'll need to make it a successful endeavor.




  • Staffing begins 10/16/23 and ends on 12/7/23
  • No staffing 10/27-10/30 and 11/19-11/25
  • Program is Multi Carrier
  • Minimum of 12 hours per week
  • Agent must bring table & chairs or fold & roll. (Responsible for setup & taking apart kiosk every event)
  • Events must be filed 9 business days in advance
  • Reporting is weekly 12:01 AM CT Sunday through 11:59 CT Saturday (No Retro Reporting)
  • Agents will Schedule events by sending a filled out UHCMC Event Form to
  • Agents will be reporting (Visitors, Leads, and Applications written) using the Retail Reporting Tool Site
Kiosk Examples

Exploring other Retail Possibilities in Your Community

  • First connect with your Carrier Broker managers to see what Retail Opportunities are offered in your area. If you are not sure who your broker manager is, please contact us at 1-800-203-0433

  • If you are not satisfied with the carrier offered options, explore other potential local/regional Pharmacies, Grocery stores, retailers. Connect with the store managers to see if they will allow you to use their retail space to provide a needed service to the community.

  • Community outreach and educational events are also a great option as a number of our top agents use them to establish themselves in their communities.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I compliantly collect a customer's information if I am assisting another customer?

Waiting Customers can fill out a Permission to Contact (PTC) card so you can follow up with them compliantly. Agents can order JSA Compliance approved PTC cards here

Is a Scope of Appointment required for each person I talk to at the store?

No. Since these are filed as informal sales events with CMS and the carriers, any presentations/sales do not require an SOA. Any appointments outside of the store however will still require an SOA.

Can I decide to come in on non scheduled days?

Unfortunately, these events need to be reported to CMS 7 days in advance, additional dates cannot be added.

What additional ways can I market for Retail?
  • Networking with the Pharmacy staff, cashiers, eye glass center and store managers have shown to be effective to generate additional business.
  • Using Carrier approved social media posts.
  • Having DirectHealth's approved PDF designs printed to post additional signage, flyers, etc. throughout the community.
  • Using JSA's ProShop or DirectHealth mailers.

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