Increase your community exposure and generate more sales !

JSA agents will have access nationwide to the Healthcare Begins Here program, which provides agents access to prime retail real estate, benefiting from the foot traffic and brand recognition that Walmart stores attract. The program aims to facilitate meaningful connections between brokers and potential clients, allowing brokers to expand their customer base and increase their sales.


Store Cost

$1500 cost per Walmart Store

Fee is Non-Refundable

Carrier Appointments

Be Appointed with JSA for 2 of the Top National MA Carriers (UHC, Aetna, Humana)

Walmart Sunfire Enrollments

All applications must be submitted through the MarketPoint Retail Portal


Agents must be ready to sell with at least one of the Top National MA Carriers by the RTS deadline

Required Hours

Stores must be staffed at least 20 Hours over at least 3 days a week


Stores times must be scheduled 4 days in advance

Kiosk Examples

Important Dates

  • 2023 Walmart Important Dates (2024 dates not yet announced)
2023 Walmart Important Dates (2024 dates not yet announced)
  • 5/2 Round 1 store decisions are due
  • 5/9 Round 1 store payments are due
  • 5/16 Round 2 stores are submitted, new requests can continue to be taken
  • 6/3 Round 2 store payments are due
  • 6/13 -6/24 Round 3
  • 6/24 Round 3 payments are due
  • 7/6-7/21 Round 4
  • 7/15 Store Agent Roster Due
  • 7/21 Round 4 payments due
  • 8/10-8/19 Sam’s Club Round
  • 8/17 Marketpoint Retail Program Portal Opens up
  • 8/19 Sam’s Club Payments are due
  • 9/1 Scheduling of Events Begins
  • 9/10 2 of the carriers RTS (Humana, UHC, Aetna)
  • 10/3-10/7 Agent Store Meeting Complete
  • 10/10 First day in Store
  • 11/23- 11/25 Thanksgiving Blackout period (Agents only need to work 2 days/10 hrs that week)
  • 12/8 OEP Store Decisions Due
  • 12/12 Last day in Store
  • 12/16 OEP Payment Due
  • 1/5-3/31 OEP Program
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I compliantly collect a customer’s information if I am assisting another customer?

Waiting Customers can fill out a Permission to Contact (PTC) card so you can follow up with them compliantly. Agents can order JSA Compliance approved PTC cards here

What Carriers Participate in the Program?

Humana, United Healthcare, Aetna, Centene/Wellcare/Allwell, Cigna, Amerigroup, BlueCross BlueShield, Careplus, Freedom Health, Alignment, Optimum HealthCare, Devoted, Molina,Geisinger, CommunityCare, Advent Health, Global Health, Prominence Health Plan, and Christus Healthplan.

What Items are included with the Kiosk? Do I need to supply Tables & Chairs?

Walmart will provide the tables, chairs, table cloth, backdrop, A-Frame, and in store signage. Agents will be responsible for plan information, materials, and ordering their buttons & name tags.

What if I can’t make my originally scheduled times?

Direct Health will allow for cancellations 48 hrs in advance. Any last minute requests will require agents call the Healthcare Begins Here Agent Support number (877-230-3316), their store’s pharmacy manager, and to JSA if cancelling within 48 hours of their scheduled time.

Can I staff more than 20 hours per week? 

Yes. Walmart encourages agents to staff as many hours as possible. Make sure though to account for face to face appointments.

Can I partner with 1 or more Agents?

Yes. Partnering has proven to increase staffing hours and generate stores based on our years of experiencing. More than one agent can work the same timeframe as well.

Is the $1500 Refundable or part of it refundable?

No. Unfortunately this year the $1500 is non-refundable. There will no longer be a partial refund for fulfilling store requirements like there was in years past. Unfortunately as well even if the store cannot be staffed, you will be responsible for $1500.

Can I market other products other products or companies that are not on the approved carrier list?

No. Carriers pay a fee to participate in the program and agents are required to represent only approved carriers. The carrier list is finalized.

Is a Scope of Appointment required for each person I talk to at the store?

No. Since these are filed as informal sales events with CMS and the carriers, any presentations/sales do not require an SOA. Any appointments outside of the store however will still require an SOA.

Is there any training required?

Yes. Agents will be required to complete the HBH Walmart Program Training Modules through their agent portal. Agents will also need to have their carrier certifications completed.

What is Proper Store Attire?

Agents are expected to act professionally and dress professionally in store. Items with Carrier logos are not allowed.

Can I decide to come in on non scheduled days?

Unfortunately due to Direct Health having to report these informal events to CMS 7 days in advance, additional dates cannot be added.

What additional ways can I market for the Walmart Retail Program?
  • Networking with the Pharmacy staff, cashiers, eye glass center and store managers have shown to be effective to generate additional business.
  • Using DirectHealth’s approved social media posts.
  • Having DirectHealth’s approved PDF designs printed to post additional signage, flyers, etc. throughout the community.
  • Asking your HBH Champion to do a PA announcement with the approved DirectHealth scripts.
  • Using JSA’s ProShop or DirectHealth mailers.

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