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2021 Retail Program


Imagine having access to hundreds of prospects without driving hundreds of miles.  Participating in a retail program is a great way to increase your community exposure and generate more sales during the AEP by reaching prospects you otherwise could not.  We’re pleased to announce that JSA agents will have access to the Healthcare Begins Here program at participating Walmart locations nationwide!

As it is in the retail world, location is everything.  Take time now to identify some Walmart locations (Supercenters, traditional Walmarts, Neighborhood Markets) that you may be interested in requesting. Not all stores are available to choose from, so identify at least 3 that you’d be willing to staff.  Here are some tips on how to choose a great location:

  • Supercenters have more traffic than the traditional Walmart stores, and the traditional stores generally have more traffic than Neighborhood Markets.
  • Just because the store is close to your house doesn’t mean it serves a large Medicare population.  Visit the store(s) during the morning hours and pay attention to the shoppers to see if the clientele fits your target demographic.
  • Pay attention to drive time.  A store that’s 30 minutes away now may be an hour away during the winter months.

Program Requirements

Here are some key things to know about the Healthcare Begins Here program:

  • Runs from October 12th to December 7th
  • Agents must be appointed with at least 2 of the top 3 MA carriers in their local market
  • $500 fee per store, due immediately upon request
  • Staff a minimum of 20 hours per week over at least 3 days
  • Report your daily activity (visitors, appointments, sales, etc.)
  • Medicare Advantage certifications must be completed by September 1st.
  • Store requests are not guaranteed, so act fast!

Important Dates

Store Selection Round Round Begins Round Ends Payment Due
Round 1 – Right-of-Refusal 5/1/2020 5/15/2020 Immediately upon request
Round 2 5/26/2020 6/18/2020 Immediately upon request
Round 3 6/22/2020 7/13/2020 Immediately upon request

Round 1: Right-of-Refusal those agents that met all requirements for their store last year have first pick to keep or drop their stores. On 4/10 List of available stores will be published: Stores that were not staffed last year or did not qualify for Right-of-Refusal and new participating stores will be available for request. JSA will take request for these stores starting 4/10 but JSA will not be able to send request to Direct Health until start of Round 2 on 5/26.

Round 2: If you do not have a store that qualifies for first right-of-refusal from last year, you can submit your request now!  On 5/26 we will submit all requests and publish a new list that will include all stores that are still available, adding stores that were dropped/not paid for during Round 1.

Round 3: Final Store Selection. On 6/22 a new list will be published of all available stores which will include stores that were not paid for during Round 2.

At the start of each round make sure to review the list as new stores could become available.

IMPORTANT: The store selection process happens quickly, and by submitting a request you are committing yourself to staffing the store and paying the fee.

Submit Your Request

Complete the form below to submit your request(s).  Once submitted, complete the payment through PayPal.

    By submitting a store request, you agree to abide by all program rules and requirements, and to pay the $500 fee per store immediately.

    Once we receive approval of your request(s), we will notify you via email.

    Payment Information

    $500 fee per store, pay now using PayPal.  If you’re requesting multiple locations, please submit a separate payment for each location.

    Store Count
    Requested Store Number(s)

    Once your payment has processed, please email the PayPal receipt to for verification. If your store request is not approved, JSA will provide a full refund of the $500 fee.

    Participating Carriers for 2019

    Carrier Participating Area
    Humana National
    United Health Care National
    Aetna National
    Freedom & Optimum FL
    Health Alliance Midwest
    Medico Medicare Supplement Only – National
    Allwell National
    CVS National
    Wellcare Select Markets –
    Waiting for Confirmation
    Christus NM, TX
    Anthem CA, CO, CT, GA, IN, KY, ME, MO, NH, NV, NY, OH, VA, WI
    BC – Michigan MI
    Regence (Cambia) ID, OR, UT, WA


    – Can I staff more than 20 hours per week? Yes.  Walmart encourages agents to staff as many hours as possible, but be mindful of your time.  Make sure to allot yourself enough time per week to schedule individual, face-to-face appointments.

    – Can I partner with one or more agents? Yes.  Years of working retail programs have proven that working with a group of agents, and therefore staffing the store more hours, increases exposure for the program and generates more sales overall.

    – Do I need to provide tables and chairs?  No.  The booth setup, including all in-store marketing materials, are included with the $500 fee.  The only supplies agents will need to provide would be any plan information/enrollment materials.

    – If my store request is approved, but I learn I cannot staff the store, am I still required to pay the $500 fee?  Yes. The store selection process happens very fast, and payment of the store fee is due immediately upon your request.  Only submit a request if you are 100% certain you can participate in the program.

    – My agency has many agents that would like to participate in this program, can we request multiple locations?  Yes.  Just make sure you have enough folks to satisfy the program requirements for each store (20 hours per week over three days) for the duration of the program.

    – Is there any refund of the $500 store fee?  Yes.  Stores that meet the minimum requirements and do not have any reported no-shows throughout the program will qualify for a 50% refund of the store fee.

    – Can I market other products or companies that are not on the approved carrier list? No.  Carriers pay a fee to participate in the Healthcare Begins Here program and agents are required to represent only approved carriers.  The carrier list is still being finalized, but includes a majority of the national and local Medicare Advantage companies.

    – Is a Scope of Appointment required for each person I talk to at the store?  No.  Your events in the stores are filed with the carriers and CMS as informal sales events, and any product presentations/sales that happen at the store do not require a SOA.  If you schedule a face-to-face appointment outside of the store, you will need to obtain a SOA form for that appointment.

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